Pro-Life Anderson
Interview Part 1

Pro-Life Anderson

Pro-Life Anderson, yes that is his legal name, is a Savannah native and known around town for the car he used to drive with dolls, signs and bumper stickers all proclaiming the Pro-Life message. Pro-Life was raised in Savannah but left shortly after high school to join the military.

After retiring from the Air Force he lived a short time in Reno, Nevada before returning to Savannah. Aside from his famous car, Pro-Life also has "God is Pro-Life" tattooed on the back of both hands and symbolically wears red and black colored clothing. See below for additional links on the web concerning Anderson.

Article in Electric Nevada (part 1)

Article in Electric Nevada (part 2)

Savannah News Article on Stolen Car

Local Election Results

A Photo on the Web

A Photo on the Web (2)

A Photo on the Web (hands)




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Interview Part 2

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Isaac Haywood - The Candyman

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Mr. Haywood

Never letting a disability get in his way, Isaac Haywood can be spotted on Broughton Street in Savannah Georgia, with cane in hand selling, M&M candy to passerby’s.  Hayes suffered a disorder that caused him to go blind nearly 35 years ago. The Savannah native, also known as the candy man, continued to provide for his family by selling various candies and other items to put food on the table. With his product line mainly limited to M&M’s, he is generally seen around the coffee shop on Bull and Congress Streets before making his way down Broughton and catching the CAT bus home.

Pictures of Haywood found on the internet can be seen below.

A Photo on the Web

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