Battle of Forsyth

In April of 2007 hundreds of people gathered in Forsyth Park for the inaugural battle involving mostly Savannah College of Art and Design students. The participants wore armor made of cardboard, bubble wrap and duct tape.

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Keller's Flea Market

Keller's Flea Market Cow

Located off of Highway 17 and GA 204, Keller's Flea Market boasts a big cow at the entrance to the market. Years ago the cow was located at a Dairy farm on Hwy 17. The cow is rumored to be 15 tall and 22 feet long.

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The Globe

The Globe of DeRenne Avenue was originally built in 1956-57 by the Savannah Gas Company as a natural gas storage tank. Rumor has it, two years later, R.E. Turner Jr. (Ted Turner's Father) talked the company into painting it like a globe. The globe measures 60 feet in diameter and remained in use until the 1970's. In the 1990's, A to Z Coating and Sons re-painted the structure with a modern look that shows Hurricane Floyd off the Georgia coast. However, it was realized that the hurricane was actually spinning clockwise and had to be corrected. In 2005 the Savannah Mortgage Company purchased the globe.

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Campaign Signs

Campaign Signs

The intersection of Victory and Whitaker streets provides a perfect location to place campaign signs. With Whitaker Street dead-ending into Victory, it provides the perfect view for any candidate wanting to get the name out. While the picture to the left is during an off year election, the signs are literally stacked on each other during national, state and local elections.

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Save our Sandfly

Save Our Sandfly

Sandfly is a community located on the edge of Savannah that fought the arrival of Target and Wal-Mart to the area. Successfully defeating the Target move, the group known as Save our Sandfly, was unable to keep Wal-Mart and Sam's Club from setting up shop. The yard display, located on Skidaway Road, was apparently created as a sign of protest.

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Black Panther Monument

Black Holocaust Memorial

Located off of East Broad Street the Back Holocaust Memorial was erected by Yussuf Shabazz in 2002. Angry that a white artist was chosen for the black history monument on River Street, Shabazz and his group erected a papier-mache memorial instead. The monument was later destroyed but police believe it was the rainfall that did the monument in.

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updated August 12, 2007